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Drone Device Deregister

API for drones to deregister

URL : /api/droneDevice/deregister/<manufacturerBusinessIdentifier>

Method : PATCH

Auth required : NO

Headers: application/json

Data constraints

"drone" : {
"version" : "[version of api as string and is mandatory]",
"txn": "[transaction identifier (mandatory string attribute of max length 50) entered by manufacturer, which is also
returned as part of response as is and is useful for linking transactions full round trip across systems]",
"deviceId": "[Unique Drone Device Id which is a mandatory string attribute]",
"deviceModelId": "[mandatory attribute of type string]",
"idHash" : "[optional string attribute]",
"signature" : "[Base64 Encoded Digital Signature(SHA256withRSA signed)of the drone data and is a mandatory string attribute]" ,
"digitalCertificate" : "[Base64 Encoded X509 Certificate of the manufacturer and is a mandatory string attribute]"


Code: 201 CREATED

"txn": "[transaction identifier as entered in the request]",
"responseTimeStamp": "",
"code": "[ one of REGISTERED,
"error": "[details of error]"

Error Response

Condition : If provided with invalid payload, missing mandatory attributes, invalid digital signature, operator business identifier missing, operator business identifier not matching with any operator in the system, invalidmanufacturer business identifier in the url, manufacturer organisation name in the digital certificate not matching with that of the subject name in the digital certificate sent as a part of payload, invalid digital certificate sent as part of payload, invalid/missing manufacturer intermediate/trusted digital certificate chain, drone already registered with the unique device identifier

Code : 400 BAD REQUEST