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Drone Type/Model Add

API for admin to create drone type/model

URL : /api/droneType

Method : POST

Auth required : YES,

Headers : application/json, authentication: Bearer Token

Data constraints

"manufacturer": "[valid manufacturer name as string]",
"[manufacturer address of selected drone obtained from drone details saved in the system]",
"manufacturerDesignation": "[valid manufacturer designation as string]",
"manufacturerNationality": "[valid manufacturer nationality as string]",
"modelName": "[valid model name as string]",
"modelNo": "[valid model no as string]",
"serialNo": "[serial no as string]",
"dateOfManufacture": "[date of manufacture of [mm-dd-yyyy] format]",
"wingType": "[wingType which is an enum [FIXED, ROTARY]]",
"maxTakeOffWeight": "[maxTakeOffWeight as float]",
"maxHeightAttainable": "[maxHeightAttainable as float]",
"compatiblePayload": "[compatiblePayload as string]",
"[droneCategory which is one of [MICRO, SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE]]",
"purposeOfOperation": "[purposeOfOperation as string]",
"engineType": "[engineType as string]",
"enginePower": "[enginePower as float]",
"engineCount": "[engineCount as int]",
"fuelCapacity": "[fuelCapacity as float]",
"propellerDetails": "[propellerDetails as string]",
"maxEndurance": "[max endurance property as float]",
"maxRange": "[max range property as float]",
"maxSpeed": "[max speed property as float]",
"maxHeightOfOperation": "[max height property as float]",
"dimensions": {
"length": "[length as float]",
"breadth": "[breadth as float]",
"height": "[height as float]"

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Content example

"id": 8,
"modelName": "Beebop",
"createdBy": 2,
"createdDate": "23-08-2018",
"lastModifiedBy": 2,
"lastModifiedDate": "23-08-2018",
"manufacturer": "Beebop",
"manufacturerAddress": {
"type": "DEFAULT",
"lineOne": "House No",
"lineTwo": "Street",
"city": "Bangalore",
"state": "Karnataka",
"country": "India",
"pinCode": "56089"
"manufacturerDesignation": "Manager",
"manufacturerNationality": "Indian",
"modelNo": "3222",
"serialNo": "00001",
"dateOfManufacture": "08-08-2008",
"yearOfManufacture": null,
"wingType": "Fixed",
"maxTakeOffWeight": 400.0,
"maxHeightAttainable": 500.0,
"droneCategoryType": "MEDIUM",
"compatiblePayload": "payload",
"purposeOfOperation": "Recreational",
"proposedBaseOfOperation": "Bangalore",
"engineType": "Engine Type II",
"enginePower": 4000.0,
"engineCount": 2,
"fuelCapacity": 4000.0,
"propellerDetails": "some details",
"dimensions": {
"length": 4000.0,
"breadth": 5000.0,
"height": 1000.0
"maxEndurance": 300,
"maxRange": 5000.0,
"maxSpeed": 400.0,
"hasGNSS": false,
"maxHeightOfOperation": 1500.0,
"opManualDocName": null,
"maintenanceGuidelinesDocName": null

Error Response

Condition : If provided with invalid payload

Code : 400 BAD REQUEST