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UAOP Application Edit

API to edit UAOP application

URL : /api/applicationForm/uaopApplication/<id>

Method : PATCH

Auth required : YES,

Headers : multipart/form-data, authentication: Bearer Token

Form Data

uaopApplicationFormjson string
securityProgramDocfile upload
insuranceDocfile upload
landOwnerPermissionDocfile upload
sopDocfile upload


"name": "[Valid Name with alphabets and space]",
"designation": "[Valid designation as string]"

Success Response

Code : 200 OK

Content example

"id": "5b75458c4cedfd0005c1b1b5",
"createdDate": "16-08-2018",
"applicationNumber": null,
"applicant": "praveen",
"applicantId": 1,
"applicantAddress": null,
"applicantEmail": null,
"applicantPhone": null,
"applicantNationality": null,
"applicantType": null,
"submittedDate": null,
"lastModifiedDate": null,
"status": "DRAFT",
"approver": null,
"approverId": 0,
"approvedDate": null,
"approverComments": null,
"name": "Test",
"designation": "test123",
"securityProgramDocName": null,
"landOwnerPermissionDocName": null,
"insuranceDocName": null,
"sopDocName": null

Error Response

Condition : If provided with invalid payload

Code : 400 BAD REQUEST